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This Page was created as a CYBER POCKET PART for the presentation made at the STATE BAR COLLEGE SUMMER SCHOOL Seminar, July 22-24, 2010 at the Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center, Galveston, Texas by David J. Ferrell, Digital Office and Creating Your Own Website, Thursday July 22, 2010 @ 2:30 PM.

Below are four websites created using ONLINE software located at http://www.moonfruit.com.  Click on the links and go to these sites to see the various themes, etc.


A.   "Creating Your Own Website" Links

1.   El Paso Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association

2.   Higher Dimensional Living - SHARON FERRELL

3.   El Paso Law

4.   El Paso TEEN LAW


B.   "Digital Office" Link

    Example of Multimedia CLE Paper submitted for Texas Bar CLE in November 2009 With an example of a Digital Office Configuration etc. DOWNLOAD the file and View it with Adobe Acrobat 9 which is FREE.


C.  Link To Actual Paper Presented Download and View with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9

College of the State Bar of Texas  SUMMER 2010 Bulletin

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