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2011 Texas Bar Annual Meeting

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June 24, 2011

Law Practice Management Track

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NEW - Chronology of Data Breaches INCLUDING INTERNET DATA BREACHES - -From April 2005 until June 21, 2011


The Theory and Mechanics of "Establishing the Best Record Retention Policy for Your Law Practice." What is TOO LONG, What is NOT LONG ENOUGH, What Works and How do we set it all up?

Below are excellent books/sites/articles addressing many aspects of  "Document Management and Retention".   Most are free some will cost you but all are good sources.  There are also some examples of the mechanics for document management and retention.  All the links below, are HOT (they work on the Internet if you are hooked up and reading these materials from the thumb drive given to you by the State Bar CLE Program.   Hopefully these links will remain good, this paper was submitted to the State Bar in March 2011, and the links were good then.

David J. Ferrell


THIS IS A LINK----->ABA Legal Technology Resource Center 

FYI: Records Management/Document Retention

The core asset of every law firm and legal organization is information. Lawyers sift through enormous amounts of information on a daily basis -- everything from client files to printed contracts to the emails they receive on their smartphone. Making sense of all this information and ensuring that it's sufficiently protected and accessible is a daunting, but absolutely necessary, task.

Records management, often abbreviated "RM," is the strategy organizations employ to manage such information. RM is the process of identifying, organizing, maintaining, and accessing all of the records created or received by an organization in its day-to-day operations. These records can be electronic or paper and include virtually everything that passes through an organization's doors. There are many reasons a firm or individual might employ a particular RM strategy, but the most important reasons are the most practical: improving productivity, cutting costs, and complying with legislative, regulatory, and internal policy requirements.

Below is a listing of some helpful informational resources regarding RM, as well as a listing of some of the major RM solutions currently available.


    Resources - Links

     ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

bullet Herding Cats: Managing Electronic Data in a Law Firm (PDF)
Electronic data - email, forms, documents, spreadsheets, and databases - must be effectively managed to both tap into its true potential and for retention and compliance. In this presentation for the Chicago Bar Association, strategies for using technology, planning, and training to effectively manage electronic data were reviewed.
bullet Find Law - Document Retention Policies Revisited
bullet The Seven Deadly Sins of Records Retention
bullet Record Retention Guidelines - 101 , How Do I Know What to KEEP?

     American Bar Association

bullet Law Firm Document Retention Policies
bullet Electronic Document Retention Policies (And Why Your Clients Need Them)
bullet Old Docs, New Tricks: Knowledge Databases Made Easy
bullet Record Retention And Destruction: Current Best Practices (PDF)
bullet The Lawyer's Guide to Records Management and Retention

     American Association of Law Libraries

bullet Records Retention in the Private Legal Environment: Annotated Bibliography and Program Implementation Tools (PDF)

     ARMA International (Association of Records Managers and Administrators)

bullet Records Management in the Legal Environment
bullet Records Management Responsibility in Litigation Support
bullet Electronic Records Retention: New Strategies for Data Life Cycle Management
bullet Retention Management for Records and Information
bullet Requirements for Managing Electronic Messages as Records
bullet Managing Electronic Records, 3rd Ed.

     Sedona Conference

bullet The Sedona Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines & Commentary for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age (September 2005) (PDF)
bullet The Sedona Guidelines for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age (PDF)

     IRS Statute of Limitations

    Document Retention when the IRS is involved!!!


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PC WORLD - Digitize Your Documents March 1, 2011 Article

VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Photo and Document Scanner

Adobe Acrobat 8 & 9 Professional Article by David J. Ferrell & Roy Greenberg

Adobe Acrobat Reader X (10) FREE

The appendices files below are referenced in the above paper written by David J. Ferrell and Roy Greenberg for a Texas Bar "Perfecting Your Practice" seminar (ADOBE ACROBAT 8 and 9 PROFESSIONAL A MAJOR UPGRADE FOR LAWYERS and are to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or 10.  Acrobat (X) 10 is the free READER  reference above.

Be patient for these files to download to your computer.

   Big Dead Snake

   Mexican Constitution (Short excerpt)

   Imbedded Multimedia

   Dynamic Demand Letter for Civil Damages

       How to Use PDFs in Litigation

    Example of Multimedia CLE Paper submitted for Texas Bar CLE

     Download Link for article above at "You Send It"  50 megabytes.  Try this download to see how "You Send It" works and for an example of a Multimedia PDF Portfolio, REMEMBER, you need Adobe Acrobat  9 or 10 both are free.

3 MORE LINKS on Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat X (10) Lawyer Friendly Features

Adobe Overhauls Interface With Acrobat X (10)

Google Books - THE LAWYERS GUIDE to Adobe Acrobat

MORE concerning document retention.


Enron What Really Happened

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