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This is the Citation page to a paper written for the State Bar of Texas CLE Seminar "NAVIGATING CROSS BORDER ISSUES"  held in El Paso, Texas  November 4-5, 2004.  The paper was called MEXICO ONLINE - Emerging Technology in the Profession.   The paper was republished as TECHNOLOGY and BUSINESS in MEXICO,  for use in the "FAMILY LAW ON THE BORDER CONFERENCE" sponsored by the University of Texas, and presented on February 23-24, 2006 in El Paso and on March 9-10, 2006 in San Antonio. There are 10 citations in the paper which are numbered below as they appear in the paper.  Hyper-text links have been provided and updated below for fast access to these cites.  Additional links have been added for perusal.  DJ Ferrell

Click Here to Hear "Rosa" Read a Part of Article 1 of the Mexican Constitution in Spanish. Rosa is a computer generated voice actually reading Spanish text that I cut and pasted into the reading program, then I saved the clip as an MP3 file.

Appendix Citations - Links

1.  North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation

2.  Electronic Guide to Mexican Law

3.  Electronic Guide to the Best Mexican Law Websites - Jorge A. Vargas

4.  Mexican Legal Materials in English - Underwood Law Library - SMU

5.  Internet Law Library: Laws of Other Nations: Mexico

6.  Guide to Basic Research on Mexican Law -Tarlton Law Library

7. Mexico's Tramitanet Portal

8.  Buying Property in Mexico - Mexonline

9.  Mexico Business Directory - Mexonline

10. BANCOMEXT - The Trade Commission of Mexico



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